Sales/Business Development

What is this industry?

What is a “day in the life”?

Sales is a job in list-making. Teams strategize on key contacts and accounts to reach out to, curate series of email outreaches to prospective clients, coordinate calendars and work on decks for meetings. Individuals reach out to prospective and current clients, scheduling about 8 meetings a week from 300-400 outreaches (it’s definitely a grind). It’s common to have about 3 internal meetings a week, where the senior and junior sales team come together to bounce ideas and cover the prior week’s activity.

How to ace your interview

Active listening (reiterate the question), STAR, no need for whiteboard or case interviews 🙂

Resources for learning about this industry

Typical industry entry process

Recent grads 0-3 years’ experience

Typical career trajectory

Business development associate → sales executive/transfer to diff dept in company → graduate school/ senior sales executive

Typical challenges in this industry – and how to deal with them

If you have a team-oriented sales team, it’s not a competition or a dog-eat-dog world, but you are definitely competing against your best self. Sales is a weekly life cycle, so one bad week can feel like it nullifies a good month, or a bad month can be nullified by one good week. Pushing through slumps is the biggest challenge but can provide an opportunity to grow, whether it’s go back to basics or get creative and iterate.

Companies to know in the industry

N/A – Most companies have a sales team

On-Campus resources related to industry