Member Benefits

I. Direct Connection to Wellesley Alumnae

  • Directory of Young Alums and Industries
    • As part of the signup process, members will become a part of the WYBA directory (accessible through the WYBA website after logging in) which updates automatically and is shared with all members
  •  Slack and Facebook groups
    • Opt in to be added to WYBA Slack for direct community texting
  • Email Newsletter
    • Channel to remind members about upcoming WYBA events, industry news/events, info about what’s going on on-campus at Wellesley

II. Relevant Career and Professional Programming

  • Resources (accessible through the WYBA website after logging in) that provides detailed information on numerous business industries along with interview and career development tips
  • Keynote speakers for young alums (just out of college, how to succeed at your first job, etc.) and MBA / post MBA alums (being a first-time manager, how to be a good mentor)
  • Local meetups and live panels 
  • Community events and casual networking

Member Eligibility

We believe that the strongest communities are built with shared experiences, we ask that those who join fulfill two requirements:

  1. Be between 0 to 10 years out of Wellesley College. This year, everyone who graduated from 2010-2020 would be eligible
  2. Be employed in business or business-related professions which include but are not limited to: finance, sales & marketing, consulting / strategy, corporate development / business development, non-profit